Stephen Colbert And Seth Meyers Mock Rudy Giuliani Over That ‘Borat 2’ Scene

Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers were among those poking fun at Rudy Giuliani after that “Borat 2” scene was revealed this week.

The finale of the “Borat” sequel includes a covertly shot scene with Giuliani, Donald Trump‘s personal attorney, sticking a hand down his pants while in a hotel room with a young female “journalist” after an interview.

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The encounter was captured on hidden cameras after Borat’s “daughter” in the movie, Tutar, staged a fake interview with Giuliani by posing as a conservative reporter from Eastern Europe.

After the pictures emerged online, Giuliani was quick to respond, posting:

That didn’t stop Colbert from discussing the whole thing on Global’s “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”.

“Every four years, around this time of the election, people start to worry about an October surprise. Today, we got more than October surprised. We got October appalled, courtesy of Trump’s personal lawyer and man who has to constantly gnaw on a tree trunk to keep his teeth from growing through his bottom lip, Rudy Giuliani,” he said in his monologue.

Colbert revealed that Cohen would be one of his “Late Show” guests on Monday, where he would likely discuss the scene in question.

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“Never a great sign when the moral authority in a situation comes from a guy who once handed a woman a bag of his own poop,” the host joked, referencing a scene in the original “Borat” movie. “Even before cocktails in the bedroom, Rudy acted like a real jerk-off.”

Colbert went on to say of Giuliani’s denial, “I would buy that, but I watched the footage. Why did you go into a bedroom at the suggestion of a young woman to have cocktails to take off a mic? I take off a mic every night. Never once have I reclined on a king-sized bed and then launched a fact-finding mission to my own groin.”

Seth Meyers also discussed the footage on “Late Night”, joking it was a “late breaking story by Mad Libs.” See more in the clip below.

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