Eva Mendes loves being a mom, but she didn’t always see kids in her future.

During an interview with Nova 96.9’s “Fitzy & Wippa”, Mendes said she didn’t want to have children until she fell in love with Ryan Gosling, per Just Jared.

“I am [ready to go back to work], now that they getting a bit older but I really feel like, I never want to send the wrong message to young women out there, it’s not an either/or situation,” Mendes started.

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She then added, “I was lucky enough to work my bum off for 20 years and then, I never wanted babies before until I fell in love with Ryan, and it kind of worked out to where I was 40 and having my first baby, I think I was 42 for the second one so it worked out in that way that I had a career and that then I change my focus to my family. So now I’m thinking of definitely going back, I feel like it’s time. I’m telling you guys, the list is getting shorter and shorter of stuff that I do, I don’t want to do anything violent, nothing risque. I think the only thing that’s left is Disney!”

The “Hitch” actress also spoke about if they have any plans for Gosling’s 40th birthday on Nov. 12.

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After saying they “haven’t given it too much thought,” she added, “It’s been such a year that you know I think it was just like you know, we’re not going to have a party. It’s not the time for it. Honestly, it’s just going to be us.”