Don’t hold your breath for “White Chicks 2”.

Last year, actor Terry Crews teased that a sequel to the 2004 comedy from the Wayans brothers might be in the works.

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“I actually got with Shawn [Wayans],” Crews said at the time, “and he was like, ‘Man, we’re doing it. We’re getting it going.'”

On Thursday, though, Marlon Wayans appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” and shut down the speculation.

“Terry’s lying,” he said, joking, “but I ain’t going to say that to him because he’s too buff and I don’t want to get beat up.”

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That said, Wayans is open to the idea of another “White Chicks”, though it likely wouldn’t happen any time soon.

“I’ll let you guys know when it happens,” he said, “but we’re moving slowly toward it….I like doing movies where I’m a Black man. It’s a lot less makeup.”