“I feel like the last time we all might have been in the same room was when we were going to the VMAs one time,” recalled Colletti. “MTV was like, ‘Here, we’re going to launch this show and here’s 45 minutes of media training. Go have fun and then this show is going to air on MTV. Good luck!'”.

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Looking back on what it was like to be a part of one of the first-ever reality TV shows, Sinclair recalled, “That was the coolest part of our experience — reality TV was not really a thing before ‘Laguna Beach’. In retrospect, we all would have been very different had we been exposed to reality TV the way we have now. In a way, I feel like that’s what made ‘Laguna Beach’ so iconic.”

While the cast members have fond memories of being on the series, that doesn’t mean that they want to watch it all these years later.

“I’ve seen minutes of it, but I’ve never rewatched the whole thing,” admitted Cavallari

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Meanwhile, the stars also discussed whether or not they would ever like to return to reality TV.

“We did enough to last a few lifetimes,” joked Colletti.