Dame Judi Dench once brought her goldfish back from the brink of death by performing the kiss of life.

The Oscar-winning actress revealed her heroic actions during a new interview on Chris Evans’ “How To Wow” podcast.

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Dench recounted the story after revealing that the fish passed away recently — six years after Dench initially saved its life.

“My goldfish recently died. I once gave it the kiss of life,” the “Cats” star explained.

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“It died when it was very little and I gave it the kiss of life,” she continued. “It grew to be six inches long. We kept it in a nice tank.”

Dench also opened up on playing the character of M in the “James Bond” franchise for 17 years.

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“As M, I just played it like the person in the script, hopefully, and like the intention,” she added.

“She got to tell Bond off quite a lot and be quite bossy and I had to assert myself a bit, as there has not been a woman M before.”