When “Friends” broke out to become one of TV’s all-time most successful sitcoms, it catapulted the show’s six stars to the upper echelons of fame.

In a new interview for Britain’s Candis magazine (as reported by the Daily Mail), Lisa Kudrow opens up about coming to the epiphany that the celebrity aspect was the least-favourite aspect of her job. As a result, she made it her goal to live as normal a life as possible — which wasn’t really that difficult.

“Being a celebrity is completely different from being an actor. It’s easy enough to be a celebrity, you just show up at parties and be in all the right places and get your photograph into magazines — that’s really doable,” said Kudrow, 57.

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“When ‘Friends’ first took off, I thought my job was to be a celebrity and I started thinking, ‘Hmmm, should I go to this party or to that one? Should I leave now or wait for a few minutes more?’ And I tried it and I hated it — really, hated it,” she admitted.

“And then I realized that the one has nothing to do with the other. I could still be an actor without being a celebrity,” added Kudrow. “I could still get the jobs I wanted to get and play the roles I wanted to play and I was also able to take my son to school and back and be home in the evenings for dinner with my husband too. So it was nice to be able to let go of the other stuff, which wasn’t me at all.”

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Kudrow also counts her blessings that the producers of “Friends” allowed her and her co-stars the flexibility to pursue other projects aside from the show.

“There’s something nomadic about being an actor and if we feel stuck with just the one thing that we’re allowed to do, we might start to go, ‘Ugh’, and feel frustrated,” she explained.

‘But I never felt that way because all while I was doing Friends, the producers let me go off and do independent films as well,” she said. “I remember being very appreciative of that at the time, and thinking, ‘Boy, this is the life.'”

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