New American Citizen Kim Cattrall Gives Kelly Clarkson A U.S. Citizenship Test

Kim Cattrall was raised in British Columbia, and only recently gained U.S. citizenship.

In a sneak peek at Cattrall’s visit, set to air on Monday, Oct. 26, Cattrall discusses celebrating finally becoming an official American, and admitted the citizenship test is not as easy as some may think.

“You have to study for it,” said Catrall. “Everybody says, ‘Pooh-pooh, oh, it’s not hard.’ It’s hard, and they’re tricky little questions.”

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Cattrall offered to ask Clarkson some questions from the test to see how the Texas-born singer would stack up, admitting she “picked two tricky kind of ones.”

Her first question: how many amendments are there to the U.S. Constitution. Clarkson’s answer — “The amount we needed” — resulted in a game-show buzzer sound being played.

Clarkson didn’t do much better with Cattrall’s second question: “How many voting members are there of the House [of Representatives].”

“As many as the House needed!” declared Clarkson, resulting in torrents of laughter from Cattrall.

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Viewers can catch Cattrall’s appearance in its entirety on Monday’s edition of “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

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