Fans have been anxiously waiting for a “Call Me By Your Name” sequel, but if Armie Hammer has anything to say, fans will wait much longer.

The 2017 film starred Hammer, 34, and Timothée Chalamet, 24, as lovers and shot Chalamet into stardom.

While speaking to Collider, Hammer said the movie “needs room to breathe.”

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“So many people are emotionally invested in ‘Call Me by Your Name’ that, if we made a second one now, no matter what, you’re just setting yourself up for failure. If you give us time and I can come back in my 40s, and Timothée is 23, then we can make it,” he joked.

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Rumours spread in early 2019 that a sequel would be made but Hammer shut them down at the time.

“Timmy’s out! I’m not sure why. Timmy said the only way he’d do it is if they paid him $15 million,” Hammer teased while speaking with Vulture.

Hammer currently stars opposite Lily James in “Rebecca” on Netflix.