The creator of “Seinfeld” just revealed his all-time favourite episode.

Appearing during a virtual fundraiser for the Texas Democratic Party, Larry David explained why he was actually prepared to quit the show if network executives objected to the episode.

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The episode in question, “The Contest”, which aired during the iconic sitcom’s fourth season, saw the four main characters competing to determine who could go the longest without masturbating.

“This one, I didn’t even put on the board because I didn’t want them asking,” David said. “I just wanted them to come and see the read-through. [When they did] I had worked myself up into a lather because the read-through really went great.”

He continued, “I was watching [the network executives] and I couldn’t tell how much they liked it. But I was ready to pack the whole thing in if they didn’t let us do this show: ‘I’m quitting. I’m quitting. I’m gonna quit.’”

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Things worked out in David’s favour, though.

“Fortunately, they didn’t say a word,” he said. “I was shocked.”

“The Contest” is also a fan-favourite, routinely appearing on lists of the best episodes of all time. In 2009, the episode topped TV Guide‘s list of the “100 Greatest Episodes of All Time”.