Sam Smith Says Mother Helped Them Steal A Souvenir From Abbey Road Studios

Sam Smith’s mother once stole a mug from the Beatles’ iconic studio.

On Monday, the singer appeared on the Australian show “The Project” and talked about the time their mom lifted a branded mug from Abbey Road Studios during a tour when they were 15.

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“I will be honest, I didn’t take it, my mum took it. Seriously, my mum put it in the handbag. I didn’t have a handbag. It was a mug, an Abbey Road mug,” they said, according to the Daily Mail.

Smith added, “Abbey Road is such a sanctuary of music” and they “wanted a piece of that sanctuary at home!”

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Earlier this month, Smith shared a photo of the mug on Instagram, and in September they announced a one-off show at Abbey Road on Oct. 30 to celebrate the release of their new album Love Goes.

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