Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have both suggested they team up with Jennifer Aniston for an upcoming movie.

Barrymore asked Sandler on Global‘s “The Drew Barrymore Show”: Maybe just the three of us should do something?

Sandler replied, “I would do that. You just tell me with your new schedule Drew, when you can do movies now with ‘The Drew Show’ going on.”

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The pair had been chatting about the recent Twitter debate, which saw social media users question whom Sandler worked better with.

Barrymore and Sandler have made three films together over the years, 1998’s “The Wedding Singer”, 2004’s “50 First Dates” and 2014’s “Blended”, while Aniston starred alongside him in 2019’s “Murder Mystery” and 2011’s “Just Go With It”.

Barrymore said of the debate, “I loved it because what I wanted to do was respond to say, ‘I would pick her too,’ and let everyone know that we all are kind of like a triangle, and there’s not only no competition but so much love and then I thought about doing something with you, me and her where I choose her and run off into the sunset.”

Sandler added, “Anybody who sees the three of us together would be like, ‘Sandman, you got to go. You don’t belong with those two. Those are two nice, smart, good looking ladies, you’re pathetic, beat it,’ but somehow I lucked into both of your lives so I’m staying there.”

Barrymore also questioned Sandler, who has been promoting his new movie “Hubie Halloween”, about the time he told her how he still loves kids coming up to him.

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He said, “When you are making a movie like this I’m thinking of these kids. I want families to have a good time, I want every age to laugh but when a little kid comes up to you and calls you by the character’s name from the movie, kids come to me while I’m eating, I’ll stop eating and hang out.

“By the way it’s very hard for me to stop eating you know that, but I will stop eating and talk to the kids for as long as they want to talk.”

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