Ashley Graham chats with the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” guest host Stephen “tWitch” Boss about starting bold conversations, both on Instagram and in her own life, during an appearance on Monday’s show.

Graham tells Boss of urging people to be body confident, “It’s about damn time my body is starting a conversation, I think we should be celebrating women of all shapes, ages and races. Whatever they identify as, I think that this is something that’s really important.”

“If my curves are going to start a conversation, let’s keep it positive and let’s let every other woman celebrate herself and her body,” she adds. “That’s exactly what we should be doing, celebrate women for who they are.”

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The two also discuss being in interracial marriages, with Graham acknowledging the hard discussions she’s had with her husband of 10 years Justin Ervin, as well as the difficult conversations they will have with their son, Isaac, about discrimination and racism.

Graham says, “This is a time to not shy away from this, this is a time to have deep conversations about discrimination and racism in America.”

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“Our children need to know what’s happening, they need to know the facts, because if they’re going out on the street and they’re not armed with the proper information, we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Graham then says of her new show “Do it for the Graham”:

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