On Monday’s edition of Global‘s “The Talk”, Malin Akerman spoke about producing her first movie, “Friendsgiving”, which she starred in alongside her husband, Jack Donnelly.

The actress recalled, “It was fantastic. My friend Nicol Paone, who I’ve known for probably 15 years, wrote and directed this film. It’s very loosely based on our lives. We were both going through break ups, and were dealing with them very differently.”

Akerman shared details about a sex scene with her husband, who plays her boyfriend in the film.

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She continued, “Who better to do it with than your husband? It’s a really, kind of, intimate, crazy scene, and so thank God we know each other well enough instead of just meeting someone on the first day – going alright, now go and do this crazy S&M scene. It was lovely to have him there.”

Elsewhere in the show, the hosts spoke about adding on some extra pounds during lockdown.

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Carrie Ann Inaba admitted, “Nothing is fitting right. Is anybody going through this?”

Sharon Osbourne then confessed, “I’m like 10 pounds over from what I usually am. And 10 pounds is a lot when you’re like five-foot-one and a smidge. So it’s like a lot of weight.” 

The wife of rock star Ozzie spoke about her plan to tackle the weight gain saying, “I started walking yesterday.”

Meanwhile, Eve told the other women how “It took me a long time to put on jeans.”

She added, “I was like somebody switched my jeans.”

Guest co-host Amanda Kloots opened up about how she dealt with quarantine, while caring for her late husband, Nick Cordero.

“I, in the beginning, was eating a lot of pasta, pizza, and drinking way too much wine,” she shared. “Yes, I needed a lot of comfort, but you know that, sort of, has regulated. I run a fitness company, so I do believe in fitness. I do believe that it is the best stress and anxiety-reliever.”

Kloots shared her health and fitness advice telling viewers, “Don’t wait until Monday…no, start today.”

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