“Gilligan’s Island” is a classic loved by everyone — everyone except tech entrepreneur Mark Towfiq and his wife Carol Nakahara, who were allegedly tormented with the theme song by their billionaire neighbour.

Investor Bill Gross and his girlfriend, former tennis pro Amy Schwartz, reportedly played the theme song at all hours to annoy their neighbours in an attempt to get them to drop their complaint over a $1-million outdoor glass sculpture and the pole and net structure put up to protect it, which Towfiq said blocked their view.

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Complaints and code enforcement officers went back and forth; now, Gross is being sued for harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress for apparently playing the song on loop, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Other rap and pop songs have also been thrown into the mix.

“Defendant William Gross is a 76-year-old billionaire used to getting his way no matter what. As proven by their behaviour here, Gross and his decades-younger-girlfriend, defendant Amy Schwartz, are bullies,” the lawsuit filed by Towfiq and his wife reads.

However, Gross managed to file another lawsuit just before Towfiq filed his, claiming Towfiq has an obsession with him and has “peeping tom behaviours” after installing security cameras facing Gross’s property.

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“Defendant Towfiq appears to have a particular fascination not only with Mr. Gross but also Ms. Schwartz, particularly when the pair are swimming and thus wearing minimal, if any, clothing,” Gross’s lawsuit states.

Towfiq claims the cameras are only to record their “harassing noise violations.”

Meanwhile, Schwartz has issued her own statement over the sculpture.

“Since I have no children of my own, they are like my babies. My mother, who has Alzheimer’s, and I pray to them and she enjoys looking at them because it’s her favourite colour and makes her smile,” Schwartz said in her statement.

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