The villain in the next James Bond movie is a complicated one.

As part of the GQ Heroes conference, Oscar winner Rami Malek sat down for a video conversation to discuss the mysterious villain Safin in “No Time to Die”.

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“When I think about Safin I think about someone who is meticulous but measured, and there is something about that that is really unnerving and unsettling,” he said of the character. “He’s someone that at times, I feel, gives you the sensation that you’re being watched and that again is quite unsettling. He asks you to question what you think is right, what you think is wrong and is your interpretation of those two things as accurate as it seems to be.”

Getting into character for the role was tricky, Malek explained, thanks to Safin’s uniquely clinical nature, and his mysterious motives and origin.

“I think you start asking questions about what evil is. And with this character especially I find him fascinating because he can detach from empathy in order to meticulously carry out his will and I start to wrap myself up in who that person is psychologically,” Malek said.

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“He’s ruthless and that might be – I’m in danger of giving too much away here – a result of something that’s happened to him. But even acknowledging that taps into the analytical side of him as well,” he continued. “I think the fact that he can still find a way to appreciate his own evil is something that is quite petrifying and psychologically something that was not easy for me to tap into.”

Malek added, “It’s not the typical Savile Row Bond villain that we’re used to.”