Someone broke into the set where “Conan” shoots.

On Monday night, Conan O’Brien opened his show by revealing that his makeshift studio set at the Largo at Coronet nightclub in Los Angeles was burglarized.

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“We come to this theatre because we thought theatres are in trouble, let’s revive a theatre, let’s keep it going,” O’Brien said of the venue where his show set up production in July during the COVID pandemic.

“Seemed like a nice thing to do. What happens? We get here this morning and we find out that someone broke into our little theatre and took some of our equipment,” he continued.

Joking about the fake audience he had set up in the stands, O’Brien said, “And whoever broke in here had to stare at 350 cardboard cutouts of exuberant fans in the eyes and say, ‘Hey, don’t mind me. I’m going to steal some s**t.'”

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Field producer Jason Chillemi said that the culprit made off with some laptops, as well as the show’s wooden clapboard, which helps synchronize picture and sound.

“What’s a robber gonna do with this thing. It’s what kids use, it’s what 16-year-olds use to make a student film,” O’Brien said of the stolen clapboard. “They took that, that’s the lowest. I can’t think of anything lower.”