The Smiths are having a “raw conversation” about complicated relationships between women.

On the new episode of “Red Table Talk”, Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter Willow Smith get candid about the difficulties of toxic female friendships, mother-daughter relationships and more with guests Jamelle Hill and Cari Champion.

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At one point, Jada and Willow share the stories of their worst betrayals by female friends.

“I had a cousin actually, have, but we’ve settled our differences now. She developed super faster than me and she had the long flowing hair and I got the afro vibe,” Willow recalls. “I was super skinny, tomboy and I would always tell her the dudes that I liked. Every time, she would date him, every time.”

She adds, “After like three times, I was like you know what, ‘You’re the dumb one. You keep on telling her.”

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Meanwhile, Jada says she “had a girlfriend that brought some dudes to my house that stole my ID and got my name caught up in a credit card scam.”

She continues, “Somebody who was close to me, trying to take me out. That goes to show you how envy, I really feel like a lot of us get so riddled with envy. Envy will justify so much really cruel behaviour. There’s no resolving that. There’s a lot of that just happens amongst women.”