Following the premiere of “Borat 2”, star Sacha Baron Cohen hosted a Q&A with fans — in character as Kazakhstan’s No. 4 journalist Borat Sagdiyev, of course.

Cohen-as-Borat began by greeting viewers who had just watched the new movie, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”, on Amazon Prime Video.

“I hope you enjoyed it more than Rudolph Giuliani did,” Borat quipped, explaining he’ll be taking questions “from all over the flat earth.”

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In answer to one question, Borat marvelled at how much America had changed since his visit for the first “Borat” movie in 2006.

“When I return to America for this new movie film, I discovered that it was now racist, uh, anti-women…” he explained. “Basically Trump had made America great again by making it like Kazakhstan. High five!”

Borat also offered some tips to a teenager looking for advice on how to pick up women.

“Very important is when you pick up women do not scare them, so approach very gently from behind — then grab!” said Borat. “I hear your Premier Trump can pick up a woman and carry them against their will, and there are 25 law matterings on this.”

He did, however, offer a note of caution. “Of course, kidnapping is always a crime, so please get consent first from the man who own her.”

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Borat had more shots to take at Trump, such as when a youngster asked, “So what do you think of Donald Trump?”

“Well, we like McDonald Trump very much in Kazakhstan. He very strong and very fat. He have so much health he also very generous, especially to ladies,” said Borat before honing in on a Stormy Daniels joke. “He could get a prostitute for 50 dollar but instead he’s so generous he paid $130,000.”

Trump, Borat continued, “is also very good at COVID safety, especially social distancing. This is why he has not been within two miles of his wife within the last four years.”

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The entire Q&A can be viewed in the video above.