Chris Hemsworth is learning that having a six-year-old son is not conducive to getting one’s meditation on.

That’s the takeaway from a video the “Avengers” star shared on his fitness app Centr this week.

In the video, which he’s titled “Affirmations That Positively, Absolutely, Probably (Most Likely) Won’t Make Your 2020 Worse”, the buff actor is seen sinking to the bottom of a swimming pool in the lotus position.

“Is it just me or is getting harder and harder to find a place where you can just get away from it all, where you can just be?” he says in a calming voiceover.

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“Well, let’s find that place together. Close your eyes. Don’t breathe in because you’re underwater. Imagine you’re someplace far, far away from wherever you’ve been stuck lately.”

At this point, Hemsworth’s son enters the frame and swims toward his dad in the midst of his underwater meditation.

“There are no distractions here,” Hemsworth continues as he shoos his son away. “Nothing to break your calm. No one demanding your attention.”

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The boy just keeps on coming.

“Simply push your worries away until it’s just you, your thoughts,” Chris recites calmly as he pushes his son away once again, noting that if any “distractions” come into play, “just give them a gentle old shove.”

“It’s just you and me,” he intones placidly before breaking down. “God, and this kid. Okay, maybe let’s try this another time,” he adds as the video ends.

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