Shawn Mendes has been loving life in quarantine with girlfriend Camila Cabello.

Mendes, whose new album Wonder is set to be released December 4, appeared on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show” and spoke about social distancing in Miami.

“It’s funny,” Mendes told Fallon. “When I got here, it was like the beginning of the album process and I was in a full panic state.

“I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m going to make music. This is going to be impossible.'”

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“But a week goes by and you start cooking eggs in the morning, you start doing laundry and taking dogs for walks, and you have a coffee mug that you use the same one every day, and it just becomes really nice.'”

Admitting those things sound “so normal for everyone else,” Mendes added: “It’s very abnormal for me. I’ve basically been living in hotel rooms since I was 15. So it’s been nice, man, it’s been really nice.”

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He said with quarantine, “I had a real moment to find some stillness and just be quiet with myself and also find some confidence with my work that I was doing. There was a real place inside of me that was scared of saying something wrong or saying something wrong or doing something wrong or saying the wrong thing.

“After chilling out and reflecting a bit, I found this place where, when we’re talking about matters of the heart, you don’t have to be an expert.”

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The star also performed a medley of his songs “Intro” and “Wonder”, and discussed his new raw documentary “In Wonder”. See more in the clips below.