Armie Hammer Talks Therapy During Coronavirus Lockdown: ‘I Was Not In My Best Mental State’

The pandemic has been difficult for Armie Hammer.

In a new conversation for the 2020 GQ Heroes conference, the “Rebecca” star discussed his mental health issues under lockdown.

“I had a very intense wake-up call one day and I needed more help than I realized,” he said, revealing that he had his friend Brendan, who works in mental health, help him get set up with a therapist several times a week. “I still work with her once a week, at least.”

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In particular, Hammer found himself spiralling due to the lack of distractions from going out or being on set for work.

“There was one specific moment where I was not in my best mental state… and in the midst of this moment that was very intense, I had a very intense moment of clarity, where I sat my head up and thought, I’m not OK.

He continued, “I can’t be the best father if I’m not the best version of myself. I can’t be the best friend. I can’t be the best actor. I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point where I say, “I’ve nailed it. This is it. I’m happy…” But I love the idea of struggling to get that a little bit more every day.”

Photo: British GQ
Photo: British GQ

Hammer also talked about the importance of friendship in his life, including that with Timothée Chalamet, his “Call Me By Your Name” co-star.

“One of the great things about this business is you get to go to different places and meet different people and interact with people all the time,” he said. “And now and then you meet someone or interact with someone and go, ‘Hey, you’re not just a work friend. You’re a real friend,’ and I like that.”

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He added that he’s never been worried about Chalamet amid his rise to stardom.

“He’s dealt with it better than I would have done at 22, 23,” Hammer said. “He dealt with it, in many ways, better than I would have done now.”

Watch the full video on GQ online.

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