“Grease” star Didi Conn is putting fans on game.

Conn, 69, played Frenchy in the classic 1978 film. Some fans take issue with Sandy changing her appearance for the approval of Danny Zuko. The actress tells “Good Morning Britain” those fans are misunderstanding Sandy’s character development.

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“When Sandy is all alone by herself after the car race and she decides she wants to be part of the gang, she wants to have fun and allow herself to be emancipated a little bit,” Conn explained. “She says to Frenchy, ‘Can you help me, Frenchy?’ You know?”

“It’s like the first makeover show, she is becoming more of herself,” the actress continued. “She is allowing herself to come through.”

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Ultimately, the film is not about Sandy changing for Danny’s approval. It is instead about Sandy’s self-expression.

“It’s not so much to get her man but it’s to be who she is 100 per cent,” Conn insisted. “He ran away from the dance because he was dancing with Cha-Cha and she couldn’t confront him because there was this part of herself that wanted to come out.”