Omarosa Manigault Newman is speaking out about Donald Trump’s marriage to Melania.

Newman met Trump back in 2004 after appearing on “The Apprentice”, before she was hired as the Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison back in January 2017. The White House then announced her resignation on Dec. 13 of that year.

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Newman, who released her book Unhinged about the Trump White House in 2018, said during an appearance on U.K. morning show “Lorraine”: “It’s a very strange marriage, and I’m very cautious to comment on the dynamics of people’s marriage — you never know the inner-workings — but I’ve known this couple since they were dating.”

Adding, “And in fact, they got married a year after ‘The Apprentice’ aired.”

“What I’ve observed over the last 17 years… sometimes they like each other and other times she’s repulsed by him,” she continued. “As we saw just on the debate last Thursday, he went to go and touch her hand and she smacked it away.”

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Newman went on to talk about what will happen if Trump gets voted out in the upcoming U.S. election on Tuesday.

“I think that he will fight leaving office,” she said, according to People. “But, thank God, there are safeguards in place for a peaceful transition of power and so, as much as he may pout like a baby and throw a tantrum, there are forces that will be able to move and usher him right out of the White House and bring in new leadership, and in this case, I hope that it in fact is Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris.”