David Letterman is remembering his old friend.

On Wednesday night, the “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” host appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to talk about his show, life in lockdown, and the passing of his friend Regis Philbin.

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“The many things to love about Regis, not the least of which was, I kind of believe he was the last connection to a show business I grew up watching back in Indiana. Don Rickles, Regis Philbin, and a handful of others, Johnny Carson, of course, and others. And when Regis left us, to me it seemed like that chapter is closed, and that made me very sad.

“But I’m telling you, this guy, if somebody said, ‘Let’s pick somebody to drive across country with,’ if it couldn’t be Regis, then I’d hitchhike. He was always Regis.”

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Letterman also talked about interviewing Kim Kardashian for his show.

“I got to know her when we talked to her husband,” Letterman said, referring to Kanye West. “The thing that I’ve noticed about this show, which should come as no surprise to me or anyone else, is everybody on that list of all of the people that we’ve interviewed, they’re all smarter and more dynamic than I am, which is great because you’re able to learn something.”

He added, “I found her to be quite dynamic and I was very fond of her.”