Things are about to get heated.

On Thursday morning, Hugh Jackman tweeted out a teaser for the next phase of his ongoing feud with Ryan Reynolds in an ad campaign for Sam’s Club.

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As Jackman explained in the tweet, the campaign will also go to support his Laughing Man Foundation, as well as Toronto’s SickKids Foundation, adding, “it’s always an awesome day when I get to humiliate [Reynolds].”

The clip in the tweet features Jackman and Reynolds each walking toward each other as classic western movie music plays. Each actor is flanked by logos for their Laughing Man coffee and Aviation American Gin, respectively, with the message, “The Feud is coming to Sam’s Club.”

Reynolds also tweeted out the teaser on his Instagram page.

The friendly feud between Jackman and Reynolds dates as far back as 2008, after the two starred together in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. In the years since, the two have traded barbs online and in media.

In 2015, Reynolds shared his imitation of Jackman.

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In 2016, Jackman joked about calling security on Reynolds for following him around all the time.

More recently, in March 2020, the two briefly put aside their feud, coming to a truce in order to participate in the All In Challenge to raise money for COVID-19 relief and frontline workers.

That didn’t last long, though, as the two are clearly back at it again.