Since fully recovering from COVID-19, Vanessa Williams is now sharing her experience.

The actress, 57, joined Dr. Oz on Thursday’s “The Dr. Oz Show” and details her symptoms, revealing she caught the virus from a “City Of Angels” co-star.

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“When we closed down ‘City of Angels’ in London, one of our castmates got sick that Sunday previous,” she recalled. “We knew that it was starting to circle through us as a cast. I flew home that Friday and by that Sunday I started to not feel well.”

She continued, “Luckily, I just made sure that I did not want anything to happen in my lungs, so I got on the treadmill every day diligently. I took a lot of Tylenol for my aches and pains. I took a probiotic because again, I wanted whatever it was to move through my system quickly and just listened to my body. I had the aches, I had gastro issues and severe headache. I had the dry cough.”

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But Williams made sure to stay alone, hoping to not infect anyone else. “Luckily I distanced myself from everybody, quarantined for 14 days,” she explained.

Adding, “Nobody saw me and made it through on the other end.”


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