Sam Smith Releases ‘Love Goes’ And ‘Kids Again’ Music Video, Says New Album Is A ‘Heartbreak Album’

Sam Smith’s Love Goes is now here, along with the music video for “Kids Again”.

“This album is how I healed myself,” they told Apple Music. “And it sums up what I went through so perfectly.”

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The album was originally named To Die For, but with the pandemic delay, Smith reworked the album to become Love Goes.

“When everything stopped, it made me realize the album wasn’t finished, in a weird way,” Smith said. “And that the title felt really inappropriate. There was talk of me not releasing anything at all and just going back to the drawing board. But the last two years for me as a writer and a singer were so beautiful and feeding. And I wanted to share that with people.”

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Smith, known for their romantic songs from love to heartbreak, will see Smith in another light other than the ballads they become famous for.

“I felt at one point that I was going to be trapped on stage wearing a suit and singing ballads for the rest of my life,” they said. “The risks that I took and the stress that it caused for me to truly be myself and express myself in a quiet way was really difficult. I’m proud of myself for doing that.”

Smith then revealed a bit more about what the album is about during their SiriusXM interview.

“For me, this, this album is a breakup album. It’s a heartbreak album. It’s an album about my relationship, really.

“And for me, that kind of sentiment is forever, you know, it’s love and it’s, I actually felt like being home during lockdown was the first time I’d been home properly for about four years.

“And getting that time to be home made my heart heal a little bit more, if I’m honest. So I was able to look at the album in a better way. So yeah, the space was needed for me to finish this record. I think.”

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