‘Ghost Adventures’ Crew Encounters Restless Spirits At Joe Exotic’s Haunted Zoo

Get ready for an unexpected Halloween mashup as the crew of “Ghost Adventures” heads to the old stomping grounds of Joe Exotic and his “Tiger King” cohorts.

In the special episode, “Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo”, the crew ventures into Joe Exotic’s now-abandoned Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, featured in “Tiger King”, where they encounter some weird paranormal activity.

“Going into the zoo, there was just so many different, crazy things happening, it was one thing after another. It was overwhelming,” lead investigator Zak Bagans told The Wrap.

“Everybody’s familiar with who all of these people are and the zoo because of the theories that came out in ‘Tiger King,’ but then we started getting into the things that we never really heard about, and that was the haunting,” he continued.

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“The reason why we were so interested in going there, and my biggest question was, was the land responsible for any of the energy that possibly could have been affecting some of the people that worked there? It’s not a secret about a lot of the dark things that happened at this zoo. And I wanted to see if something supernatural paranormal could have been fuelling all of these things,” Bagans added.

Bagans explained that he and his team “were rather shocked by the evidence that we started to collect.”

Meanwhile, investigator Aaron Goodwin said he experienced an intense physical reaction when he entered Exotic’s cabin.

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“The house had been raided during the investigation, so it was kind of left open. It was messy and the horses would walk around through there. There was horse poop everywhere,” Goodwin explained.

“But then as soon as I stepped in, you just felt like, ‘Get out right now, you don’t belong here.’ And we see that a lot, but what’s really weird was it was so much stronger than normal. It was like, it was almost like some dark energy. You could feel it.”

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