Whoopi Goldberg Reveals She Shut Down Production On ‘Sister Act’ By Getting ‘Sick’ To Ensure The Nuns Were Being Treated Fairly

Whoopi Goldberg became the second-ever recipient of Vulture’s prestigious Honorary Degree of Master of Culture Thursday.

Goldberg accepted the honour from New York Magazine and Vulture writer E. Alex Jung during Vulture Festival, as the pair discussed “Sister Act”, the upcoming U.S. election, and much more.

The actress recalled the discontent of the nuns on “Sister Act”, so she took matters into her own hands.

Goldberg shared, “The ladies hadn’t gotten everything I thought they should have gotten — the nuns. They were older women. They were women who I felt… should be able to go and have dinner and not be worried about paying hotels or whatever it was.”

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Goldberg explained how she “worked it out” for her sisters and had conveniently got sick during the shoot, so production had to be shut down for a couple days while everything was figured out.

Denying it was a “strike,” the star insisted, “I got sick. I would never go on strike. But if my coughing and sneezing coincided with our brief problem, but they fixed it and it was great.”

Goldberg also discussed the upcoming election, saying no matter who wins, “We are still gonna fight these fights.”

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Goldberg was referring to LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, and injustice facing the Black community, Deadline reported.

She spoke about being a Black actor starting out in Hollywood, as well: “I didn’t realize my difference, really. I didn’t realize that there were things people think I couldn’t do, not because I wasn’t talented, but because I was Black.”

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