Carly Rae Jepsen has a surprise for the holidays.

On Friday, the Canadian singer released her new single “It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries”.

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The ’80s-inspired, danceable song had Jepsen singing about all that can go wrong during the holiday season.

“My boyfriend is a vegan, so they fed him fish/My uncle made it worse by talking politics,” she sings. “I had a few opinions might have started a fight/Well, it’s not Christmas till somebody cries.”

In her press release for the song, Jepsen told Pitchfork, “I love the old-fashioned movies and the family traditions and the excitement of gifting presents and decorating the tree and and and… my list is endless. But each year the pressure to have the perfect Christmas always ends in tears. I call it Christmas versus expectation.”

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She continued, “Christmas holiday is my favourite time of year. I love it but so often emotions run high and expectation versus reality is something I’d like to shed some light on and hopefully some laughs too in the process. So if you are lucky enough to get to be with the ones that matter most to you this year — embrace it! And if things go south just remember: the secret is to sing a little song to survive… that it’s not Christmas till somebody cries!”