“The View” kicked off Friday’s Halloween episode with a special look at moderator Whoopi Goldberg hosting a socially distanced virtual Halloween party for her co-hosts.

Unfortunately, every single one of them winds up blowing her off, beginning with Joy Behar, who says she won’t be coming but asks Goldberg how she enjoyed the food she sent over.

“Thanks Joy, I’ve never had pumpkin-spiced lasagna,” Goldberg offers, before being interrupted by a call from Sunny Hostin.

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She also sent her regrets — while petting one of her chickens — and reveals she sent over some jack-o-lantern-painted eggs.

Sara Haines and Ana Navarro then call in, also to say they won’t be making it.

Left by herself, Goldberg suddenly realizes she’s not alone when two guys dressed like the maniacs in “Halloween” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” sneak up behind her in an attempt to give her a scare. It doesn’t work.

“Seriously? Why are you not standing six feet apart?” she scolds the two.

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“Social distance, that’s what it’s called. Social distancing. You know what? Just go into the room and sit down. We’re watching ‘The Exorcist.’ I don’t want to hear anything,” she orders, before addressing one of them.

“What’s wrong? What, are you crying?” she says. “Just go in the room. Go on, that way.”

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