Bella Thorne Covers Herself In Bubbles For ‘Lonely’ Music Video

Bella Thorne is getting sudsy in her new music video for “Lonely”.

Thorne danced around in an NSFW video wearing different sets of lingerie and barely-there bubbles in a bathtub.

“The idea came from my own personal experience. When I am lonely and horny up late at night, I kept looking at my phone going on Instagram scrolling through different apps, really just wanting that attention from someone,” Throne said of her song to 360.

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She added that “writing a lot of music at that time as well so I was always in the writing mode you could say. I just kept hearing ‘I only checked my phone when I’m lonely and horny, only check my phone…’ I was just like, man, I keep hearing this and I just had to go into the studio within the next few days to record it, because I just couldn’t get out of my head.”

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