Add Helena Bonham Carter to the growing list of celebrities coming out in support of Johnny Depp, insisting she doesn’t believe the allegations of his ex-wife Amber Heard that he physically assaulted her.

In an interview with The Guardian, the “Crown” star discusses Depp’s libel suit against British tabloid The Sun over its description of him as “a wife-beater.”

Asked if she’s surprised by this turn of events for Depp — godfather to her children and her co-star in several movies directed by her ex, Tim Burton — she admits she is.

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“Oh, totally. There’s something quite old-fashioned about Johnny, with these manners — none of it makes sense,” she explains.

In fact, she also believes Depp wouldn’t have taken such a drastic measure to clear his name if he wasn’t able to back it up.

“But the man’s not stupid,” she said of Deep. “He wouldn’t have gone to this length if he thought he was in the wrong.”

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As for her own personal life, Carter is hesitant to say much of anything about her divorce from director Tim Burton.

“Oh, I can’t talk about that,” she says. “I have a responsibility to the children not to talk about it. As well as to Tim, I respect him. But I didn’t leave, put it that way.

She adds: “Although I will say this in the positive sense: I do think there’s a point where people fit for a certain time, sometimes, and if you can, you recognize that you’ve given what you can, and you’re going to stop each other from evolving, and if you can afford it, well… So.”