Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello are getting into the Halloween spirit.

On Oct. 31, Mendes shared some photos on Instagram in celebration of Halloween, with the couple in not-so-elaborate costumes, with Mendes sporting some fake blood on his face while Cabello wears a lacy black dress.

“Me, but beat up, and a Miami witch,” he wrote in the caption to explain their costumes, with a second photo featuring the two sharing a Halloween kiss.

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“THE HALLOWEEN SPIRIT IS NEVER CANCELED !!!!!!!! (caption by camila),” he added.

Mendes and Cabello have been quarantining together since March, and Mendes admitted it’s been life-changing for the two to spend quiet domestic time together.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon for “The Tonight Show”, Mendes explained how “you start cooking eggs in the morning, you start doing laundry and taking dogs for walks, and you have a coffee mug that you use the same one every day, and it just becomes really nice.”

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Mendes added: “It’s very abnormal for me. I’ve basically been living in hotel rooms since I was 15. So it’s been nice, man, it’s been really nice.”

Back in March, Cabello revealed how the two had been spending their time, with Mendes teaching her guitar while she taught him Spanish.

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Halloween 2020: Stars In The Spooky Spirit