You’ve only got one shot… to vote.

On Monday, just one day before the U.S. presidential election, the Joe Biden campaign released their latest ads with a boost from Eminem.

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The rapper lent his Oscar-winning hit “Lose Yourself” as the soundtrack for the 45-second spot.

The song plays over black-and-white images of American cities and towns, as well as Biden and Kamala Harris.

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Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s campaign has received numerous legal complaints from musicians – from Neil Young to Village People to Rolling Stones and many more – for using their music during his 2020 campaign rallies.

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Musicians Who Don’t Want Trump To Use Their Music

Eminem hasn’t always been so willing to have his music used in political campaigns. In 2014, New Zealand’s National Party used a knockoff of “Lose Yourself” in a campaign ad, prompting the rapper to sue, winning a $415,000 sum in 2017.