Donald Trump might need to get more familiar with Lil Pump.

At his final pre-Election Day rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., the U.S. president introduced the rapper as one of his supporters, inviting him up on stage.

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But in an embarrassing moment, Trump introduced him as “Little Pimp” before correcting himself.

After receiving a muted reaction from the crowd at the rally, Trump asked, “Does everyone know who he is? Do you know how big he is?”

Lil Pump finally got up on stage and addressed the crowd: “I’ve come here to say, Mr. President, I appreciate everything you’ve done for our country. You brought the troops home and you’re doing the right thing. MAGA 20 20 20, don’t forget that! And do not vote for Sleepy Joe at all!”

Trump got Lil Pump’s endorsement late last month, and on Monday, the rapper posted a photo from the rally on his Instagram account.

Bella Hadid reposted Lil Pump’s post on her own Instagram Story:

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On Twitter, people shared photos and video of Lil Pump attending the Nov. 2 rally.

Others, though, poked fun at Trump for getting his name wrong, which led to the rapper going viral.