Chance Perez can now add actor to his resume.

The 22-year-old, who is best known for his affiliation with the boy band In Real Life, is heading to the small screen to play the black ranger in Nickelodeon’s upcoming new series, “Power Rangers Dino Fury”.

“This opportunity came around and I wasn’t sure if I was going to audition, but then I thought to myself, ‘Why not? Just give it a shot,’ and then I was in New Zealand not too long after, so it all happened really quickly. It feels so surreal to me because I really haven’t done much acting in my life, and to say that I’m a Power Ranger on their TV series is a dream come true,” Perez exclusively told ET Canada in his first interview since booking the role.

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“I’ve been watching [the franchise] since I was a little kid,” he added. “’Power Rangers’ helped instil a lot of morals into me such as wanting to do better, try harder and be a good person. And I know that the franchise has done that for thousands of kids across the globe, so to be a part of this franchise, it’s a real honour.”

Perez hopes to pass those lessons down to his daughter, Brooklyn, who is “so excited” to be in New Zealand watching her dad on set.

“She was so excited to see the rangers in their costumes with their helmets on,” Perez said. “She was so nervous to even wave to them because she was so awe-struck. She was a fan of ‘Power Rangers’ before I even got the audition, so this experience means a lot to her. I just hope that she sees me working hard, and she wants to do that in her life as well and keep pushing forward. Life is never easy, and this surely isn’t easy, but I’m working hard and I hope that she takes from that and incorporates it into her childhood.”

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Perez has had a little bit of time to take Brooklyn sightseeing in their new temporary home, but when he’s not seeing the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, tree walks and Hobbiton, he’s bringing his childhood boxing training to a whole new level.

“We get to work with this Japanese stunt team and they are incredible,” Perez said. “They’re relentless in their training, and they go above and beyond. There’s a specific type of fighting style that the black ranger is learning right now to incorporate into these fight scenes and I’m really excited for it. They’re very inspiring.”

And In Real Life fans who are missing the sound of Perez’s sweet voice, can tune in closely to the series to hear a familiar voice.

“I’ve been talking to them about possibly helping compose the music by writing a little bit of it or offering some of my own songs that fit the storylines, so we’ll see how that goes, but it’s in the talks,” Perez said.

You can watch Perez as the black ranger this February on Nickelodeon.

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