Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. speaks to Americans in a new PSA on the day of the presidential election in the U.S.

The actor played Aaron Burr in the hit Broadway musical and is performing the track “Wait For It” in a video aimed to compel Americans to be patient as every vote is counted.

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Many Americans are voting by mail-in ballots for the election due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which may result in a delay in tallying up the votes.

The PSA from RepresentUS, which is an anti-corruption group, features Odom Jr. singing while footage of a variety of American voters is shown. He also gives an inspiring speech.

“Look, this is pretty clear: Every American who voted deserves to have their voice heard,” Odom Jr. says. “In this historic election, millions of you have mailed in your ballots or dropped them off, and all of us deserve to be counted.”

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“These are votes from our grandparents, staying safe from COVID. Our overseas military, sending in their ballots by mail. Our neighbors, our friends. Nurses, teachers, firefighters,” he continues. “I mean, this is actually simple – voting is one of our fundamental rights and counting votes is the foundation of democracy. It may take time but your vote is worth waiting for, and I’m willing to wait for it.”