As Americans head to the polls on Tuesday, one presidential candidate has revealed that not only is he casting his vote for himself, that vote is also the first he’s ever cast in a U.S. presidential election in his entire life.

Kanye West, running on the Birthday Party ticket, took to Twitter on U.S. election day.

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“Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it’s for someone I truly trust… me,” wrote West, who launched his presidential bid in July.

In some followup tweets, West shared photos and video of himself casting his ballot, for which he had to write himself in.

According to The Hill, West is facing an uphill battle with his longshot presidential bid, given that he didn’t even make it on the ballot in the majority of U.S. states, while polling has shown his support hovering in the low single digits.

Speaking with The New York Times in September, West explained why he would make an ideal Commander in Chief.

“The reason why I know eventually — eventually could be three months, eventually could be three-and-a-half years — the reason why I eventually will make a great president is because I’m sensitive,” he said. “I’m here to serve.”

According to West, his keen empathy also makes him perfectly suited for the job.

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“Even as a Gemini, I feel the energy in the room, I read body language, I read this energy, and I hurt,” he explained. “I hurt for the country, I hurt not just for Black people but all people of America. And I hurt for all people of the world.”

West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, also shared an election-day tweet, but didn’t do any campaigning for her husband.