Jon Voight has made no secret of his support for U.S. President Donald Trump, posting several over-the-top videos on social media to praise the former “Celebrity Apprentice” star as “a man of integrity” and the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln,” while decrying Joe Biden as “evil.”

It appears that at least one of Voight’s co-stars on “Ray Donovan” agrees to disagree.

Eddie Marsan, who played Voight’s onscreen son Terry in the Showtime drama, took to Twitter on the night of the U.S. election to urge voters to support Biden while throwing some shade at Voight.

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“Hey America, I know this is the most important election ever & the survival of your democratic institutions and the soul of America is at stake but…can we just take it back to me for a second,” wrote Marsan — who is British — in the caption of a photo of himself looking exasperated alongside Voight in a scene from the show.

“Please vote for Joe Biden,” added Marsan, “I can’t spend another 4 years listening to this bulls**t.”

Marsan isn’t the only one of Voight’s co-stars to be fed up with the “Midnight Cowboy” star’s support of Trump; in a recent interview with Howard Stern, Jane Fonda revealed that was what ended her longtime friendship with Voight.

Asked by Stern if she was still on good terms with Voight, with whom she co-starred in 1978’s “Coming Home”, she admitted, “Not anymore, no, which is very sad.”

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Added Fonda: “I don’t know what happened to Jon. You know, we were pretty close. He was my best friend among Hollywood people. We won Academy Awards together for ‘Coming Home’. I couldn’t [be friends with someone like that], anybody that was a part of the birther movement, I’m sorry, I couldn’t.”