Pink sat down with her nine-year-old daughter Willow for a chat about the U.S. election in an Instagram clip shared Tuesday.

Pink asks the youngster, “Who do you want to win the election?” to which she responds, “Joe Biden.”

When the singer asks why, Willow replies: “Because he’s good.”

“I hope that no matter who wins the election that we can all figure out a way to be nicer to each other,” Pink then tells the little one. “That’s what I hope. Do you think that’s fair? Do you think that people should learn to disagree and still be kind?”

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“That’s what I wish. What do you wish? What’s your biggest wish right now?” Pink went on, as Willow said after a pause: “Well, my biggest wish is to go to Hogwarts, but…”

“What do you wish for people?” Pink said, as Willow insisted, “Peace.”

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Pink recently voiced her support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, wearing a Biden/Harris top on Instagram:

Her song “What About Us” was also used in a Biden campaign video; she performed at a concert in support of Biden a month later.

Pink also posted Tuesday:

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