Democrat Sarah McBride made history during Tuesday’s U.S. election night.

McBride, 30, won a Delaware State Senate seat, making her the first transgender state senator and highest-ranking openly trans politician in the country.

She’s spent years advocating for LGBTQ+ rights with organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign.

In her campaign to become a senator, McBride focused on reducing costs for the healthcare industry and strengthening public schools among other things, Sky News reports.

Celebrities sent McBride praise online, including Tegan and Sara, Charlize Theron and Gia Gunn.

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See some of the reaction below:

McBride’s victory comes as she spoke to Refinery29 about a possible Joe Biden presidency.

She said of her fellow Delawarean: “With Joe Biden, what you see is what you get. He’s as decent, kind, and compassionate behind closed doors as he is in public.”

“I’ve seen the tears in his eyes when he talks about violence against transgender women, I’ve heard the passion in his voice when he speaks on the need to pass the Equality Act, and I’ve seen his big heart first-hand when he, Jill, Beau, Ashley, and the rest of the Biden family embraced me after my coming out without skipping a beat,” McBride added.

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Concluding, “What separates good leaders from petty and ineffective leaders is being willing to listen, willing to grow, willing to admit when they are wrong, and willing to use their empathy and compassion to bring people along with them, and that is what Joe Biden has done on LGBTQ equality. That’s what he’s done on a number of issues — and that’s one of the reasons I’m proud to support him.”