It’s been 15 years since Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson cracked audiences up with “Wedding Crashers”. And it looks like fans may get another chance to see the duo team up for a sequel.

“Owen and I and the director of ‘Crashers’ have been talking for the first time seriously [about] a sequel to that movie,” Vaughn tells ET’s Rachel Smith. “So there has been an idea that is pretty good. So we are talking about that in the early stages.”

Vaughn and Wilson portrayed divorce mediators who spent their free time crashing wedding receptions for free booze and to meet ladies. The 2005 flick also starred Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher.

“They were fun movies to make,” Vaughn reminisced about “Wedding Crashers”, as well as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and “Zoolander”. “It’s always fun to make people laugh and go to work with people that are funny.”

His latest movie, “Freaky”, is a new twist on the body-swap genre. The title is even a nod to Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis’ “Freaky Friday”. However, “Freaky” is darker with Vaughn as a killer-turned-teenager opposite Kathryn Newton.

“The fun of this was having Kathryn to kind of build each character out with. She came with such good ideas, we had a rehearsal period where we were kind of finding the physicality of each character so there’d be cohesiveness,” he shares. “We just had a lot of fun kind of playing make-believe together.”

“There’s a lot of physical stuff and fighting, but it was also so ridiculous,” Vaughn adds. “Like, we would be very committed in a scene and then sometimes we would start to improvise and play around with thought, so it was a roller coaster.”

Newton also tells ET how amazing it was to work with the comedic actor, sharing that the first day they met was in dance rehearsals.

“Immediately I was looking at him in the mirror trying to dance like him and I think just seeing how we all jumped in and immediately we’re making fools of ourselves, and then we had Chris Landon, our director, who created this space for us to rehearse and talk about the character, she explains. “I just got so many ideas from Vince, you know, completely inspired from him.”

“Freaky” arrives in theatres on Nov. 13. Watch the trailer below.


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