Drew Barrymore is heading back in time.

For Friday’s edition of “Drew’s News” on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”, the host, 45, reprised her “Never Been Kissed” role as Josie Geller, a.k.a “Jossie Grossie”, so Josie could finally fulfill her dream of becoming a TV journalist and deliver the day’s top stories.

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And since the movie came out in 1988, Josie got confused and dished on the news from over 30 years ago like the presidential election between George Bush and Michael Dukakis, instead of 2020’s ongoing battle for the White House between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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“Next, I have a huge sports story for you. The Jets just made football history!” Josie follows up. “When they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time ever! They’ve lost every game against the Steelers since 1970. 1988 is going to be the magic year!”

She later adds, “Your TV crew is all doctors… I mean, right? They’re all wearing masks!”

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