BTS’ Suga is on the mend, and shared an update on his recovery.

BTS’ label, Big Hit Entertainment, announced that singer, real name Min Yoongi, underwent shoulder surgery recently but is in recovery and will be ready to join the BTS gang again soon.

“Suga underwent surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum on Nov. 3,” the statement on Weverse reads. “The surgery to address a problem that had constantly been a health and wellness issue for Suga was completed successfully and he is currently resting and recovering following his physician’s advice that Suga must undergo a strict and unhindered period of recovery.”

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Suga also wrote his own message to the ARMY.

“Please understand this time [is] my chance to prepare to meet you again strong and healthy. Even if I must be away for a short while, please wait for me to come back to you,” he wrote.

Adding, in Korean, “Fortunately, the surgery went well. My current state is painful, but my mind is quite relieved. I’m away for a while to recover as quickly as possible, but I’ll be back soon. It won’t be that long! Once again sorry and thank you, ARMY!”

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On Saturday, Suga shared an update with fans on a V Live broadcast, reported Soompi.

“It’s gotten a lot better. It almost doesn’t hurt at all now and the pain has gone down a lot. The first three days after surgery were really painful. I couldn’t sleep well. I’m sleeping well now and there are no big problems,” he said.

Suga also explained how he came to the decision to undergo the surgery.

“At first, I thought it was just the aftereffect of the accident,” he explained. “But as time went on, it kept getting worse. I didn’t want to get surgery, but there was a moment when I decided on it. I was filming a commercial and I couldn’t hold the 500-ml can of cider in my left hand. It hurt too much. I thought, ‘I can’t continue to live like this.’ I exercised a lot starting at the beginning of last year. My shoulder was so bad that I tried Pilates and various other exercise treatments. It would be fine when I didn’t have concerts, but it would get worse when I did. I thought a lot about it before making the decision.”

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As for his recovery, he admitted the most difficult thing he’s encountering is figuring out how to spend the free time he suddenly has.

“The days are so long. I think that people have to work. I usually have scheduled activities every day. Now I wake up and wonder what I should do and how I should spend the day so that it feels worthwhile. I think about things like this.”

Suga previously opened up about his injury, revealing in a 2018 episode of “Burn The Stage”, that he was involved in an accident.

“Turns out he used to be a delivery boy while he was a trainee and after being hit by a car, his shoulder dislodged,” the episode revealed. “He didn’t tell Big Hit [Entertainment] because he wasn’t supposed to be working, but when they found out they helped him recover.”