Like many Americans, Leslie Jones has been glued to cable news awaiting election results as ballots continue to be counted in four key states that will decided the presidential election.

Throughout it all, the “Saturday Night Live” alum has been tweeting her hilarious take on what she’s been watching — particularly MSNBC “map guy” Steve Kornacki, whose keen observations on the electoral college and relentless vote tallying have garnered legions of fans throughout the Twitterverse.

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Jones, in fact, was downright crushing on Kornacki.

The whole thing took on a new level of meta when MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace told Kornacki, “I will confess what I do in the commercials, I watch Leslie Jones pine for you when our dear friend Ali Velshi fills in.”

Wallace even commented on Jones’ tweets:

Check out a sampling of Twitter reaction to the “Supermarket Sweep” host’s hilarious tweets: