Charlie Hunnam Thinks He ‘Could’ Have COVID-19 A Second Time After Contracting Virus Earlier This Year

Charlie Hunnam paid a virtual visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Friday night, and the former “Sons of Anarchy” star admitted he was feeling under the weather.

“I’m not sure what I have,” Hunnam admitted. “I have a little bit of a persistent fever, a dry cough, a little bit of fatigue, so… it could be COVID. I went and had a test earlier this week, a rapid test, and it came back negative. So I could just be unfairly jumping to conclusions. But it feels consistent.”

If that does turn out to be the case, then Hunnam will have contracted the coronavirus for a second time, after being previously infected.

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“I had it earlier this year, and it didn’t feel like this,” Hunnam explained. “It wasn’t particularly acute, I just lost my sense of taste and smell for about 10 days, and had a little bit of fatigue. This feels very, very different. This feels much more like flu.”

Recalling his earlier bout with COVID-19, Hunnam explained that he felt like “something wasn’t quite right,” but didn’t clue in until one morning “I was grinding up the coffee and realized I couldn’t smell at all.”

At that point, he explained, “it was very early on” in the pandemic, “so that piece of this hadn’t really come to light as a symptom of mild COVID.”

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If Hunnam does wind up testing positive, he admitted “the irony is, I don’t know how I would have gotten sick again because I haven’t left the house in six months” other than a visit to the veterinarian with a new rescue kitten.

“Whether I just have a cold or flu or something, the only time I’ve ever been in any sort of contact with the outside world was taking her to the vet, and it turns out what she has is feline coronavirus.”

“That’s why we have a strict no-cats policy,” joked host Jimmy Kimmel.

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