James Corden paid homage to a Harry and a Henry in Friday’s edition of “The Late Late Show”.

The episode opened with Corden snoozing on the sofa in his office, with a production assistant reminding him who his guests will be. When he hears British actor Henry Golding will be joining him, he bolts upright.

“Henry? Great, I’ll go and say hi now,” he says, before being informed that “because of COVID rules you can’t see someone until they get onstage.”

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Corden suggests he can meet the “Crazy Rich Asians” star outside by the studio gate. “You’d better run,” the PA suggests.

He then takes off as the bit becomes a shot-for-shot parody of Harry Styles’ “Golden” video.

“Golding… Golding… Golding… you’ll get lost in his eyes,” Corden sings as he races to meet the Golding at the gate. “Henry… Golding… heartthrob…. still looks hot when he cries.”

For comparison, check out Styles’ “Golden” video below.