Depeche Mode was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday night and Charlize Theron was there to show her support, calling the band “the soundtrack to my life.”

The typical ceremony did look a little different as things went virtual, but the honour was all the same.

“Depeche Mode is the soundtrack of my adolescence,” Theron said during her speech. “I’m not kidding — there was literally a song for every occasion of my life: my first date, my first time leaving South Africa, and of course the first time I got my heartbroken.”

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She continued to say that their music “brings people together from all different walks of life and makes them feel like it’s OK to be different.”

Adding, “That really hit me watching the videos at the concert. I was moved to tears. I came home, I told my daughters about it, and I was also really f**king pissed because I don’t usually go to rock concerts to bawl my eyes out.”

During Depeche Mode’s acceptance speech, Dave Gahan said, “You know, growing up, listening to music on the radio and having music, it really kind of helped us to feel normal, feel part of something. That’s what music does for people and I think that’s what Depeche Mode has done for many people. I think music really brings people together, and God knows we need that more today than it seems any other time.”

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Other inductees included Nine Inch Nails by Iggy Pop.