Jeffree Star Responds To ‘Blood Money’ Criticism Amid Lawsuit From Anna Nicole Smith Estate

Jeffree Star has debuted his new makeup collection amid controversy involving the late Anna Nicole Smith.

Star is being sued by Smith’s estate over his alleged use of Smith’s “name, image, and likeness” to sell cosmetics.

The makeup mogul launched his brand new “Blood Money” palette on Saturday, Nov. 7.

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Revealing his latest business endeavour on his YouTube channel, Star wrote, “HEY EVERYONE! Welcome BACK to my channel!! Today I’m revealing the brand new Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Money collection! It was finally time to do an ALL green palette and the fantasy is here.”

Star then uploaded a video Tuesday in which he addressed some of the criticism he’s been receiving following the big reveal.

He said he was having a “horrific day” when he filmed the reveal, saying in reference to the teaser: “When I saw that, I was like, ‘Oh, the reveal has to be even crazier. It really does.’ So I tried a bunch of new things. A lot of it did not work, and it rubbed you guys the wrong way. It was really hard to sleep last night, I was feeling so sick to my stomach.”

He then addressed some of the comments, explaining that he was most hurt “getting their feedback that they were really disappointed that I came off like I was in a QVC world, that it wasn’t personal.”

Star insisted, “I never want you guys to think that it’s not genuine… I was almost scared to admit that, but I always want to be authentic.”

Watch the full video, titled “I’m Really Scared to Admit This” below.

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The video comes after the Smith lawsuit against Star was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. The Blast was the first to report the story.

The items in question are a liquid lipstick and a lipliner/eyeliner that are both available in a colour called “Anna Nicole”, which is described as bright orange red with a matte finish. Smith’s estate says the colour specifically references Smith’s “signature red colour.”

Both products are currently not available for purchase on Star’s website in the “Anna Nicole” colour but do appear available on other beauty retailers’ sites.

Smith’s estate, which acquired all intellectual property related to Smith following her death on Feb. 8, 2007, alleges that Star never obtained permission from the estate to market makeup products that reference the deceased star. The estate also claims Star used Smith’s likeness on packaging and marketing materials and has yet to offer “compensation for the commercial use of such rights, let alone compensation commensurate with the substantial commercial value” associated with Smith’s celebrity.”

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Smith’s estate is seeking unspecified damages and wants Star to turn over all profits from the sale of any products tied to Smith. Star has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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